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NHL, NHLPA to continue negotiations Thursday

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New York, NY (World Wide Gamble) - The NHL and NHLPA met twice on Wednesday as they continue negotiations toward a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, with the union submitting another offer to the league.

The union delivered its latest proposal during an early afternoon meeting between the two sides in response to the latest offer from the league, which was made Tuesday night. It was the fourth proposal made between the two sides in the past six days.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman confirmed neither side had mentioned a disclaimer of interest, which would have dissolved the union, and also added that the two sides will meet again Thursday at 10 a.m. (et) with mediator Scott Beckenbaugh, who was present for both of Wednesday's sessions.

"We anticipate getting back together tomorrow," Bettman remarked on Wednesday. "The fact that we're involved in a continuous process is something that I'm glad to see but we're clearly not done yet."

Bettman has said a regular-season schedule of at least 48 games must begin by Jan. 19. The existing 2012-13 NHL schedule has already been canceled through Jan. 14.

The two sides have been without a CBA since the previous one expired just before midnight on Sept. 15.

January 3, 2013, at 01:47 AM ET
<-- Top Shelf: At long last, CBA talks begin in earnest
Vanderbeek makes deal to retain full control of Devils -->

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NHL makes new offer to players
Report: NHL makes new offer to players
Report: NHL makes new offer to players

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